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Happy Battery

How many of us have left their battery on the caravan over winter?

Is it been topped up by one of the below?

  • Solar panel

  • Onboard charger

When you lasted used the caravan's motor mover to put your caravan away for the winter it will have drained the battery and it has been sat there over winter not been topped up.

Time to check that battery before the start of the season.

Checking the battery’s charge level

While your caravan or motorhome may have a light or display to show the leisure battery’s charge level, these may not be particularly accurate. It is advisable to invest in a hand-held metre, which can be used to easily obtain an accurate indication of the charge level. The table below can be used as a guideline when carrying out the checks.

Meter Reading       Approximate Charge Level

12.7V or above  100%

12.5V                                           75% 

12.4V                                           50%

12.2V                                            25%

12V or lower                                Discharged

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