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Winterising your caravan or motorhome.
Is important before you it leave all alone for the long cold winter months.

So what do we need to do? 

1. Wash & polish

This is a great time to inspect all the seals and joints making sure there are no gaps, any build-up of green algae should be removed as it acts like a sponge to draw moisture into joints, this gives us the chance to inspect the joint/seal for any potential problems.

2. Window and locker seals

All rubber seals on lockers, doors, and windows should be sprayed with a silicone spray to stop them from sticking but also help retain their flexibility, be sure that the windows and lockers are fully closed to keep the rain & snow out.

3. Draining down

All the water needs to be removed from the pipework to prevent freezing this will include the toilet as well.

  • Open all tank drain valves to onboard tanks and external tanks and leave open

  • Open Drain the yellow-handled drain valve, which is usually under a bunk next to the water heater.

  • Now fully open all taps and set to the middle position, remove the showerhead and hose and leave disconnected

  • Run the pump for a few minutes until all water is expelled.

  • Run the toilet pump until the top tank is empty, rinse out with clean water.

  • Flush out the toilet cassette and clean with sterilizing fluid.

4. Leisure Battery

The health of your caravan or motorhome leisure battery over winter is important for the longevity of your battery, if your leisure vehicle is on your driveway and connected to the mains this will keep the battery at peak performance.

If your caravan is overwintered in a storage compound and does not have a solar panel then removal of battery and placed on a float charger will maintain the health of the battery and prolong its life.

5. Interior

Remove all foodstuffs wash and dry the fridge out and leave the fridge door open to breathe, bedding should be removed along with any clothes and lockers/bunks emptied to allow air to circulate.

All cushions should be moved away from the walls this will stop the build-up of moisture between cushions and walls. 

Finally, the use of dishwater salts in a container or a disposable dehumidifier will remove moisture in the air, it is recommended you check on them periodically. 

6. Gas

Turn the gas off at the isolation valve, burn off any remaining gas in the pipework and disconnect the gas hose from the gas bottle making sure you insert the black stopper if it has one.


Always check the caravan periodically if possible.

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ACOPS gas certifed




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