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Caravan Covers
Do I cover my caravan or not? we look at the pros and cons

Lets's look at the pro's

The purpose of any cover is to protect and it does it very well from tree sap, rain, dirt, and animal droppings.

The cover also helps with UV fading and degrading of caravan seals.

When taking the cover off at the start of the season is like a little child at Christmas opening a present. 

Now the con's

Most covers on the underside are fleece lined to protect any scratching but we do see dulling down of paintwork in some cases.

Most Caravan covers are breathable but they do tend to trap moisture, creating humidity under the cover in different weather conditions.

Covers can be difficult to get on and remove and sometimes get trapped in the ariel or light fittings resulting in damage

Mould within the caravan.
Before we pack the caravan away for winter we clean the inside and out then shut the door and put the cover on, the caravan has not had time to dry out before being cocooned in its cover, this does not help the drying process, also the air around air vents has now been restricted which now increases the likelihood of mould.

There is always going to be a difference of opinion on this subject, the only sure thing is that is if your caravan is stored under or near trees a cover is an ideal form of protection to protect from tree sap dead leaves which over time traps moisture. 

Your caravan needs to breathe on the inside and needs to dry out quickly on the outside so to cover or not is not that straightforward and must be a personal decision.

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