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Service Conditions 


For a service, you need to -


Empty out as much as the van as possible. The floor area and lockers need to be clear.

Dis-Connect the 240v 6 hours before date of service, 12v battery, gas and fill the water system.

Ensure that the toilet is clean and empty.

Ensure that there is 1 metre all around the vehicle.

Make sure that the caravan is on the flat and level ground.


All awnings and covers are to be removed.

It must be on private land with access to your service vehicle or agreed access.

Please ensure that all keys (lockers, wheel bolts, doors etc) are available on the day.

If we are working on a storage site or campsite ensure that the owners/wardens are aware.

We do not take any responsibility for the security of the vehicle, it is your responsibility to remove and refit all security devices.

A service consists of a standard checklist for which time has been scheduled. Any additional work must be notified at the time of booking the service and it will be charged in addition to the cost of the service.

Motormovers and other equipment that is not part of the original vehicle will not be checked (unless you advise us in advance).

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