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You can put it into 4 categories, and then break it into subcategories.
Before you look deeper into the subcategories there is enough weight in just 2 of those
categories to make you think twice about saying no service this year.
Let us look deeper into each category of why your leisure vehicle should be serviced.

Why should you keep a caravan or motorhome regularly serviced?

1. Warranty

Each Manufacturer will have a warranty from new on its caravan or motorhome, then each appliance will have it's own warranty with extended period with certain build manufacturer.

Each manfacturer will require a service each year within a time frame, otherwise the warranty is void.

the service has to be carried out by the dealer or NCC approved workshop or mobile NCC approved workshop.

2.Safety, Road

Most vehicle's on the road must have a MOT or be in a road worthy condition, your caravan is no different.

Brakes must work efficiently, tyres within legal limits, not damaged or cracked and within recommended date,

Of course all road lights must work.


3. Safety, Personal

This is a category that gets overlooked, we know about gas and how volatile it is, and because this there strict regulation governed the install within motorhomes and caravans.
Annually the gas system should be checked for gas leaks which should be done by a competent person, you may find that some sites and insurance companies insist on it.   


Then there are unburnt gases from appliances that are not fitted correctly appliances being dislodged or debris in or around the burner or flue which can produce Incorrect burning resulting in carbon monoxide,
This needs to be checked. 

A battery has its own hazards and any battery over 5 years old is coming to the end of its life.

400747859_329709249649950_7641660629314393154_n (1).jpg

4.Deterioration & Upkeep

Water Ingress within leisure vehicles has always been a problem for manufacturers over the years and new build construction has helped.

We can help by maintaining and monitoring, cleaning regularly to allow water to freely run off the leisure vehicle, and cleaning any build-up around joints to help stop water freezing and expanding these weak spots. 

Monitoring dampness by taking damp readings annually and recording will show a picture of water ingress and can be revolved before taking hold.  


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Safety road
Safety Personal
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