Servicing for 2020


Town & Country is an Approved mobile workshop 
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As responsible owners of caravans, we always recommend you have an annual service in order to maintain the value of our vehicle whilst ensuring reliability, Setting off on your well awaited holiday with peace of mind that you will arrive at your destination and have a safe and secure holiday.

We take for granted that when our caravan is not in use, be it on the driveway at storage yard or even on a season pitch there is no wear and tear on that valuable purchase you have made, but this is not the case.

When the caravan leaves the factory it has dates on perishables like the rubber gas hose, the tyres, these have a shelf-life for safety reasons and are all part of servicing checks and highlighted on the service report.

Service Video


Full Caravan Service

Motorhome Habitation Check


  • Chassis & running gear (including brakes, tyres, stabilizer etc)

  • Electrical system (12v and 240v, RCD test, road lights etc)

  • Full Gas tightness test & function of gas appliances

  • Ventilation 

  • water System

  • fire safety

  • Full inspection  of bodywork

  • Full written damp report

  • Underbody – eg. check the security of water tank & waste system

  • Electrical system (12v and 240v, RCD test)

  • Full Gas tightness test & function of gas appliances

  • Ventilation

  • Water System

  • Fire safety

  • Full inspection of bodywork

  • Full written damp report


Caravan Checksheet  

Caravan Damp report 

Habitation Check sheet  

Damp report 


 Caravan & Motorhome Outline costs


Single axle caravan service from £165 including one shot hub nuts

Twin axle caravan service  from £185 including one shot hub nuts

  Labour £35  per hr 

Motorhome Habitation check  £100

          Labour £35  per hr 

Servicing Conditions

 Work and labour is guaranteed  for 6 months 

Approved Workshop Code of Pactice